Music Library Technical Information

Tune Bud makes it simple for you to provide production music that really is premium quality for your users. In your composer upload area, you can upload master tracks, submixes, loops and stems, giving customers as much choice as possible! Music Technical Information When uploading tracks we recommend you upload a 48khz. WAV file for […]

Using Your Content Management System

Your content management system will be where you manage all aspects of your music library business that aren’t track related (tracks are managed in your composer upload area). You can access your content management system by inserting your music library address followed by ‘manage_whitelabel’. For example You can then log in with the details […]

Using your music library payment gateway

The Tune Bud platform provides you with your own fully integrated secure payment gateway making it easy for you to take payment from your customers and give them a smooth and simple user experience. Your payment gateway will allow users to input discount codes, automatically calculates VAT based on the user’s country and accepts 4 […]

Customer Account Settings

The Tune Bud platform provides you with multiple different account settings for your clients when they sign up to your music library. This gives you flexibility in choosing how you want to license your music and gives you the opportunity to offer custom user experiences to your customers. Activating a customer account When a customer first […]

Collaborating with other composers

Tune Bud is completely flexible in how you upload music to your library. Work on your own, work with other composers or do a mixture of both. We can create as many composer accounts as you like for no extra cost. So how does it work? You’ll receive a login account to upload tracks too, […]