Composer Production Music Libraries & Website Examples

We understand you’ll want to see some examples of composer libraries and websites before you make a decision and even get some inspiration for ideas!

Tune Bud can cater for your every need. There are 3 options for getting set up:

  1. Already have a website (domain name)? Fantastic, we can put your music library onto that website.
  2. Already have a website but want a separate music library? No problem, we can set up your music library and bolt it on to your existing website.
  3. Don’t have anything? We can build you a WordPress website and bolt on the music library for a one off set fee.

Check out some of our existing composer music libraries here:

We’ve also put together a few websites for composers who have then bolted their music library to this. Check out a few examples below:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding getting set up, we’d be more than happy to help. Also, check out our composer community to chat with other composers.

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