Create your own filters.

Gone are the days of making your tracks fit the filters available, you can now create your own filters, edit existing filters and choose where your filters appear on your music library with our really simple filter section of your content management system.

Where can I edit filters?

Log into your content management system and you’ll see a new tab at the top of the page called ‘Filters’.

You’ll then be able to go to Filter Sets > Filter Values to view all the different filter categories:

Ranking filter values

Rank filters within their groups to your chosen order, this will affect how filters are shown on your live music library.

Select ‘Rank Filter Values’ before choosing your filter group and then rank filters however you like. The default ranking is alphabetical.

Here’s where your filter ranking will appear on your live music library, you simply need to select a parent filter such as ‘Orchestral-All’ to reveal sub-genres.

Editing and displaying filter values

You can edit existing filter titles by simply amending the text to your choosing. This will automatically update any tracks that have been previously tagged with the filter. Choose whether a filter is active on your live site or not by simply checking the ‘Active on site’ box, you can change this at any time.

When a filter is checked to ‘Display on HP Nav’, it simply means the filter will be taggable on the live site when a customer is narrowing down their search for tracks.

Any filters that aren’t checked to display on HP Nav will still be searchable on your live site through the keyword search:

Creating new filter values

You can create a new filter by scrolling down to the bottom of the filters and simply typing in your desired filter and then assigning it accordingly.

Add as many filter values as you like and remove as many filters as you like. You now have complete flexibility with tagging your tracks.

Once you’ve created a new filter, you can log into your composer account and re-tag any previous tracks you’ve created or select the filters you require for new tracks.

All existing and new libraries will have the filter functionality so take advantage and let us know your thoughts!



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