Custom Use Categories & Pricing

There are thousands of different ways you can license your music. Production music is now used on so many different platforms by people from all walks of life. For example, one customer could be a vlogger making videos about their cat while the next could be an App developer wanting some background music. We understand, that as a composer, you don’t want to limit yourself and only license music for specific uses. That’s why our custom use categories are perfect for giving you complete flexibility over your licensing structure.


How does it work?

Currently, we only offer custom use categories to our PRO package composers. You simply input your chosen uses which can be anything you like. Add as many or as little use categories and then choose your price for each use.

Pricing is based on a multiplier of your base price for each track. For example, if your base price is £30 and you want the price for your TV use to be £250, the multiplier would be 8.3. Please bare in mind, all base prices are in pounds sterling so if you have a website in US dollars, you’ll need to take note of the conversions. Not Maths savvy? No problem – feel free to get in touch with your prices and we can do all the hard work for you!

  • Enter your chosen uses & multipliers:

  • Refresh your live music library to see the implementation

  • Select your chosen use to reveal the price

Custom use categories allow you to create literally any use you want. You don’t have to select from a drop down of choices or tick box the ones you want. Simply type in the exact use you want to provide and attach a price. We know it’s your own music library business so we give you as much freedom and flexibility to license your music, how you want.

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