Customer Account Settings

The Tune Bud platform provides you with multiple different account settings for your clients when they sign up to your music library. This gives you flexibility in choosing how you want to license your music and gives you the opportunity to offer custom user experiences to your customers.

Activating a customer account

When a customer first signs up to your music library, their account will be shown in your content management system as ‘Pending’. The customer will automatically receive a confirmation email to activate their account, once they’ve done this, their account status will be ‘Confirmed’ and they’ll be able to purchase tracks.

Sometimes, the email can go into a spam or junk folder or not received. So if the account hasn’t been activated within 24 hours, you can manually activate it by using the drop down menu ‘Account Type’ and changing it to confirmed. Also, don’t forget to tick the ‘confirmed and active’ check box.


Single Use License

For customers who just want to purchase tracks on a ‘pay per track’ basis, the ‘confirmed’ default setting is the best option for them. This allows them to listen to tracks and add them to their basket and checkout if they want to. Any payments from these customers will go through our secure payment gateway Braintree and will be transferred to you at the end of each calendar month.

Unlimited Use License

We also offer the option for you to put your members on a setting called a ‘blanket license’. This lets customers bypass the payment gateway and download tracks. They can essentially download as many tracks as you like. If you have customers who use a large volume of your music, this setting may work out better for them.

You can put customers on this setting by selecting ‘Blanket License’ from the drop down menu titled ‘Account settings’.

Payment for this license type isn’t taken through the music library, you simply need to invoice the customer externally for this and put them on the account type.

Suspended/Cancelled accounts

There is also the option to suspend or cancel accounts. This might come in useful if an employee at a company moves jobs or for any inactive accounts. Any customers whose accounts are suspended or cancelled won’t be able to log in.

With the flexibility of different account settings, you can essentially create any license you like to suit the individual needs of customers.

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