Customizing Your Production Music Library

TuneBud makes it simple for you to personalize and customize your music library to suit your house style and theme. All customization tools can be located in your content management system.

Uploading a logo to your music library

You can upload a personalized logo to your library by clicking on ‘Information’ in your site management tools and then ‘Site Info’. You’ll then see the option to upload an image file for your logo.


The optimum logo size is 120 x 60 pixels and recommending file type is jpeg. Once uploaded, you then simply need to click ‘Update Page’. You’ll be able to see what the logo looks like by viewing your live music library.

Changing the colour scheme of your music library

Again, this can be done in your site management tools under ‘Information’ > ‘Site Info’. The colour scheme is based on hex references which can be found when choosing colours in Photoshop or simply by googling ‘Hex Reference Colour Chart’. Below are some examples of colours and their hex references.


You can input hex references for various areas on the music library in the central column of the Whitelabel Details page.


For the hex references to be recognised, they must all have the hash (#) key at the beginning. Now, you may be wondering where these colours actually appear on your music library. Check out the below diagram to see where each colour appears on the homepage, followed by an individual track page.



You can change the colour scheme of your music library at any time. Two useful hex references you may use often is black (#000000) and white (#ffffff).

Creating the ‘About Us’ page on the music library

Your music library will have an ‘About Us’ page which you can find on the live site by clicking on ‘About Us’ in the top right hand corner. You can put anything you like on this page such as info about yourself, links to social media and your website or previous work.

To start on your ‘About Us’ page, simply go to Information > Site Info and then scroll down to ‘About Us’ details.


The text box under ‘About Us’ works in a similar way to Microsoft Word, you can put anything you like in here. Insert images and hyperlinks, change your font, embed videos and HTML code. The extensive tool bar at the top of the page gives you a number of ways to personalize your About Us page to you.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key tools you can use when creating your About Us page.


Uploading banners to your music library

Use banners on your website to advertise your music library. You could promote a discount code, new tracks, about you or anything you like. Have as many or as little banners as you like. Each banner will scroll across the page every few seconds.

To upload a banner, log in to your content management panel and select ‘Site Promos’ > Banners.


You then add a banner by clicking ‘Add Promo’, you’ll then be directed to a page where you can choose to add certain features to your banner.


Below is how this corresponds on the live site:


Banner sizes are 984 x 137 pixels and recommended in JPEG format to ensure site speed remains optimal.

Tune Bud’s fully customizable functionality makes it so easy for you to really make your music library your own. If you’re not creative or design savvy, don’t worry, we will happily help out with any design features you want to include. Just get in touch.


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