Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions and the answers. If your question isn’t here then don’t hesitate to check out our community forum or get in touch.

Your complete music library solution! We provide the platform for you to build your own music library, upload your own music and sell it to customers direct. We’re essentially giving you the tools to create your own music publishing business. We’re cutting out the middle man (stock music libraries) and handing over the reins to you!
It really is simple – all you need to do is complete the short form here . We’ll then be in touch to set your library up. You don’t need to be a tech guru to set up your Tune Bud library, and you can be up and running in minutes.
Setting up the “skeleton” of your library is very quick. We simply need to have your domain hosting provider to point the domain you wish to use to our IP address (which we’ll give you and can help you with). Your library will then immediately appear. You'll then be able to upload your music to populate the library, and upload your own promotional banners, change colours of your site etc.
Yes you can change pricing plans at any time, just let us know!
The original copyright holders retain all their rights.
All payments are taken through our online payment gateway at Braintree. We then transfer all 100% of the revenue to you at the end of each calendar month. Please take into account that transfer fees and credit card charges may apply.
Yes, we do. You have 2 options:
  1. Use our set categories and price each category with your own price points. These categories are:
  • Creator
  • Creator Pro
  • Professional / Corporate
  • TV Production / Radio
  • Commercials / Ads
2. Completely customize your own use categories and price points. The Basic Package enables you to have 4 custom uses and price points, whereas all Pro Packages are unlimited, and therefore can feature as many or as little custom uses and price points as you'd like.
It’s entirely up to you how you price your music and the type of licensing categories you use. We suggest you follow a similar methodology to the main most popular music libraries so that new customers can easily relate to your website.
Yes! All PRO accounts now have access to our bulk upload feature. Contact us to find out how to upload your tracks.
You can find out how the site works in our Information Centre or check out our Composer Forum to chat and network with other Tune Bud users. We also offer Skype calls so we can chat you through the functionality and system. NEW! We've now introduced a composer testing site allowing you to log in to the content management system, have a play around and see if you like our set up.
We don’t build the site under a temporary url but we take the site off live until you’re happy with it so no-one can see it until this point.
No, we don’t offer marketing support. We provide the underlying music library platform for you to run your business. It’s your choice as to how much or little you might want to invest in marketing and who or how you go about doing that. Your Tune Bud library is, however, set up to allow Google Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and other search engine analytics and tracking. You can track ecommerce conversions, link conversations to your Google Adwords account etc.
Yes we can provide this service. We don’t charge an up-front fee for this, we take a percentage of any ad revenue – in the same way as the majority of Content ID aggregators.
You would handle any PRO registrations. Tune Bud does not take any copyright over your music or have any interest in performance royalties. We purely provide the website infrastructure for you to operate your music library from.

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