Music Library Technical Information

Tune Bud makes it simple for you to provide production music that really is premium quality for your users. In your composer upload area, you can upload master tracks, submixes, loops and stems, giving customers as much choice as possible!

Music Technical Information

When uploading tracks we recommend you upload a 48khz. WAV file for the best quality possible. The Tune Bud system will then automatically convert your file into both an MP3 and WAV. file so your customers have multiple download options. Yes, it’s that simple!

Here’s some technical info about the tracks your customers will be purchasing:

They’ll have the option to download in 2 different file formats:

  1. Broadcast Quality 320 kbps MP3
  2. Broadcast Quality 48khz. WAV

When downloading, customers can download your music tracks in one of the above formats or both – for no extra cost.

Quick Note: Please be aware that when customers listen to your production music via the music player on your library, the player utilizes low quality streamed tracks. It’s only when they actually purchase and download the file that it becomes broadcast quality.

Payment Gateway Technical Information

Tune Bud provides you with a fully integrated payment gateway allowing you to take payments from customers through your own online payment system at ease. You’re essentially setting up your own production music library business without having to worry about business requirements such as PCI Compliance and SSL Certificates – we’ve got all that covered!

Your music library will use Braintree to power your payment gateway and accept transactions. All major credit/debit cards and Paypal are accepted so wherever your customers is based, they can pay in an instant!

Once purchased, you’ll be able to see a record of this in your Content Management System under ‘Orders’. Any payment due to you will be paid out on a monthly basis along with full reporting – so you never lose track of a payment.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Tune Bud can provide you with templates for your Terms & Conditions and privacy policy. But please note, these will be template agreements and don’t constitute legal advice and we don’t offer legal advice. If you’re unsure on what license you want to offer, please seek professional advice.


Design technical information

Setting up your own music library business comes with a degree of design and marketing material. Tune Bud provides various areas on your music library for this, making it straight forward to start designing your music library. Please see below for any design specification sizes.

Logo: 120×60 pixels

Scrolling banners: 984×137 pixels

Colour Scheme – Hex references (can be found in Google)

If you have any questions regarding any technical information of if your question is left unanswered, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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