Tracking activity on your production music library

The Tune Bud content management system comes complete with the tools to see any activity on your music library. You can view whose signed up, what tracks they’ve listened to and what they have purchased. This makes it easy for you to see what styles of tracks are popular so you can provide more of them.

View member sign ups

You can see who has signed up to your music library by logging in to your content management panel and going to ‘Members’


You’ll then see a summary of all the people who have signed up, the sign up date and company.


To view the tracks a client has listened to, simply click on the ‘Reports’ button to the far right handside. You’ll then be able to view what tracks have been listened to, downloaded and purchased for that client. You can also sort by date so narrow down your search.


View library orders

See whose purchased music from your library, including which tracks, the date and the cost.

This information can be located in your content management system under ‘Orders’.


The orders page allows you to search for orders by name, type and date so you can easily find the order you’re looking for in an instant!


Selecting the ‘Details’ button to the right handside of the order gives you further information about the order including the tracks purchased, license type and if a promo code was used.


Google Analytics

Tune Bud allows you to input tracking scripts for your music library so you can link your Google Analytics to your website. This will track click throughs to your site and will give you advanced tools to monitor and track people through to your site.

More on Google Analytics

Tune Bud’s extensive tracking tools make it simple, quick and easy for you to monitor activity on your music library. This comes at no extra cost and allows you to find out what your customers like and how they use your music library.

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