Using Your Content Management System

Your content management system will be where you manage all aspects of your music library business that aren’t track related (tracks are managed in your composer upload area). You can access your content management system by inserting your music library address followed by ‘manage_whitelabel’. For example

You can then log in with the details that have been provided for you by the Tune Bud team.

Features of the content management system

You can basically run your production music library from this area, below, we’ve broken down features of the content management system and how you can use them.

When you first log in, you’ll see a number of tabs down the left hand side of the page:



This is where you can view any purchases made on your website. Sort by date, license type or member name. You can view specific details about the order such as the track title, if a promo code has been used and the exact date and time that the order was placed. Find out more about orders by clicking here.

Promo Codes

This can be accessed by clicking on the orders tab and then Promo Codes. Here you can set up discount codes which you can give out individually to customers or advertise on your library and social media for all your customers. You can input a time frame on the discount code and also give it a description for yours and the customers information.


Site Promos

This is where you’ll upload the scrolling banners that you can see at the top of your live music library. You can upload any banners you like and advertise your music, offers or anything else you want. It’s your own production music library business so you can really make it your own! For a full tutorial on uploading banners, please click here.


The members area allows you to see whose signed up to your website. By clicking ‘edit’ next to the member, you’ll be able to see the member details including address, contact details and notes. You can also write anything necessary in the ‘Admin’ notes for that member – they won’t be able to see this.

By clicking on ‘reports’ to the right hand side of each member, you’ll be able to see what they’ve listened to, purchased and downloaded. Click here to find out more about this.


This is where you can change the content of your site. When you click on information, another tab will appear called ‘Site Info’. This allows you to change the colour scheme, contact details, content and About us details.

More On Customizing Your Library

So that’s the content management system in a nut shell. It’s really simple for you to personalize your own music library and really build your own production music business. The Tune Bud team are also always on hand if you have any questions and we’re more than happy to help!

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