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Pricing Your Tracks

Tunebud allows you to price your tracks at whatever price point you like, with the choice of four different currencies and the ability to implement usage categories for pro packages.

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Pricing your tracks

It is completely up to you what price you want your tracks to be. Often, the licensing structure you have in place will affect what price your tracks will be. For example, if you have a licensing agreement in place which allows customers to purchase the track once and use it as many times as they like, you might have a slightly higher price point when compared with a license that only allows the customer to use the track once. 

Currency Options

We currently offer 4 different currency options for your music library. Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Australian Dollars & Euros

You can choose one of these for your tracks to be priced in. It makes sense to go with the one that the majority of your customers will use. We can always change the currency at a later date.

Usage Categories

We understand that you’ll want to price your tracks differently based on their intended use. Currently, we allow standard, pro and publisher users to set there own pricing categories and we have the most common categories fixed for the lite users.

Common Categories Include:

Usage on YouTube 

Website & Corporate Use (including online, social media, YouTube etc)

TV Production,

Radio & App Use

TV Commercial or Film Use.

Price tracks for each category at whatever price point you choose.You can also specify that other uses are covered in any of these categories, it’s your own music library business so you can really tailor it to your customers needs!  

How To Edit Pricing

To change your libraries pricing go to the Site Management Tab of your admin area and then click on the Site Management Box followed by Site Settings. If you then scroll down past the logo area you will see the Usage Types Area.

To change the pricing open up the Tunebud Price Calculator Spreadsheet (provided upon setup). Enter the price you would like into the correct currency column. The price calculator will then give you a number to put into the Usage Rate box. Once you are happy and have given your usage type a name you can click on update. Once you have done this make sure you update your pricing page to match!

Please give Tunebud approximately 30 minutes to update your pricing changes.