Getting Started

Which Plan Should I Choose To Create My Music Website?

We have a wide range of packages available at Tunebud. Choosing the right one all depends on what you want to achieve with Tunebud.

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If you are a composer and you want to have a basic website, with a few licensable tracks, to use as your portfolio to show libraries and clients, then Lite is probably for you. While the 25 tracks is somewhat limiting it is perfect for a portfolio type website as it forces you to only select your best tracks. Lite is also a great starting point if you just want to take a look around the system and see if it is for you, we can always upgrade you at a later date.


If you wanted to then start licencing tracks regularly then standard would be a great choice. It’s a great starting point for an individual composer looking to start self licensing tracks. Standard is a popular option as the 100 track limit starts to provide a level of variation to searches. For bands with a number of albums to licence the standard option can work really well.


Pro is a great for uses such as a collaborative library between composers, small record labels with only a few artists looking to licence music for productions, small boutique libraries or small specialized genre specific libraries. Pro’s 250 tracks makes your site a real resource for creators as the level of variation will mean that there is more chance of unique searches.


If you wanted to be able to upload more than 250 tracks then we have you covered. Do you want to start a huge 50k track music library business? Tunebud can offer full business grade packages that will work well for you. Tunebud is based on the same system used by the Cinephonix Music Library and also powers many other successful libraries so you will be in good company.